Renowned Oncologist and Cancer Researcher, Dr. Derek Raghavan, Joins Perthera as Chief Medical Officer

Mclean, VA // Perthera, the industry leader in Precision Oncology Decision Support announces that Dr. Derek Raghavan, MD, PhD, FACP, FRACP, FASCO, founding President of the Levine Cancer Institute and former Chair and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute, has joined Perthera as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Raghavan’s appointment underscores Perthera’s commitment to advancing precision oncology and transforming decision making for oncologists, especially those practicing in a community setting, who are confronted by the ever-increasing complexity in making treatment decisions.

“I look forward to helping Perthera reach the full potential of their best-in-class AI-based treatment decision support tool, the Perthera Report®, and am especially excited to see the recent issuance of a CPT code that covers Perthera’s unique and patented product. Together, we will continue the push to help oncologists make more informed decisions, ultimately improving outcomes for their patients”, Dr. Raghavan said.

A prolific author, Dr. Raghavan has contributed over 300 scientific papers and a dozen textbooks to the field of oncology. He has served as the former editor of “HemOnc Today” and has been on the editorial boards of numerous scientific journals, shaping the discourse and advancements in cancer research and treatment. At Perthera, Dr. Raghavan will help guide the current implementation of the Perthera Report®, participate in Perthera’s unique virtual molecular tumor board, and advise on new product development. He will also engage with community and academic oncologists to ensure Perthera’s unique products and services continue to expand and deliver on the ever-growing and complex precision oncology needs of practicing clinicians.

“Dr. Raghavan’s extensive experience as a cancer center director delivering precision medicine gives him a unique perspective in understanding patient needs and the challenges facing their treating physicians. Our goal is to make Perthera part of the core armamentarium used by oncologists everywhere, so all patients have access to the latest science and treatments in their cancer journey”, said Donna Tuths, CEO at Perthera.

With a career spanning clinical practice, research, and leadership, Dr. Raghavan brings unparalleled expertise to his role as CMO. Dr. Raghavan has held numerous senior appointments, including Chair of the National Cancer Institute Clinical Investigations Review Committee, Chair of the Veterans Administration Merit Review Board in Oncology, and member of the FDA Oncology Drug Advisory Committee. He has advised multiple cancer institutes and international cancer research organizations, contributing his expertise to shape the future of cancer care and research globally. Dr. Raghavan also holds the distinguished title of Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine. He continues to serve as a volunteer oncologist at the Veterans Administration Health Care Center in Charlotte, NC.

“I am thrilled Dr. Raghavan has joined Perthera”, said Emanuel “Chip” Petricoin, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Perthera. “His scientific and clinical expertise as well as previous experience leading academic and community cancer centers will be essential to grow our scientific research-oriented products and services, and deliver on the unique aspects of the Perthera Report®. The recent issuance of the 0794T CPT code is recognition by the AMA that the exploding complexity of treatment selection/sequencing driven by molecular profiling requires clear and concise algorithmically ranked therapy options that are unique to the Perthera Report®. I will work with Dr. Raghavan with the ultimate goal to help patients achieve better clinical outcomes while providing physicians an efficient treatment decision support tool underpinned by the very latest science.”

Perthera’s patented process produces an easy-to-use report that ranks therapy options using both existing and real-world evidence (RWE) and incorporates a patient’s past medical and treatment history in addition to their multi-omic molecular profile. Perthera combines AI capabilities with a Virtual Molecular Tumor Board of disease-specific experts to further refine ranked options for every patient. Outcomes tracking allows an updated report to be generated providing ongoing therapy decision support. Perthera received a (CPT) Category III code in July 2023, recognizing the important role of AI-assisted decision support in delivering precision oncology care.

About Perthera
Founded in 2012, Perthera is the leader in AI-driven precision oncology solutions. Utilized at more than 600 cancer treatment centers in the United States, Perthera’s patented technology provides treatment decision support to over 1500 oncologists. Perthera pioneered using lab-agnostic  “multi-omic” test results to provide ranked treatment options through its Precision Oncology Platform and Perthera Report®. Past medical and treatment history along with multi-omic results from any CLIA lab source are used by Perthera’s Ranked Therapy Options engine to identify the best treatments available for each patient and covered by CPT 0794T code “Pharmaco-oncologic Algorithmic Treatment Ranking”. Patients are followed to obtain real-world outcomes that further refine future recommendations. The Perthera Report® has been validated through peer-reviewed, high-impact journals and has been shown clinically to increase survival rates for patients.

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