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Perthera’s Funding Is A Benchmark For The Company, Precision Medicine, And The War On Cancer

As described in this press release of June 28, Perthera has raised a total of $8.7 million in new capital to accelerate and broaden our growth. The funding represents much more than an investment in our company; it is also another validation that the entire field of precision medicine is real and will change healthcare in fundamental ways, and it is another step towards victory in the war against cancer.

“Precision medicine” (sometimes called “personalized medicine”) is an approach to healthcare made possible by the convergence of advancements in IT and a greater understanding of genes and their multistage conversion to proteins.


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    Perthera provides you with more relevant options for treatment consideration by uncovering and understanding your unique cancer biology. For use at the point of care, the Perthera analysis provides organized medical and scientific advances in genomic and proteomic medicine. 



    Perthera gives treating oncologists an edge in decision-making and enables the most comprehensive personalized patient care. Our analysis combines organized scientific knowledge in genomic and proteomic medicine with intelligent input of patient history and provides all necessary and current molecular knowledge in one platform.


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    Perthera provides our partners with a multifaceted approach to powering a successful personalized medicine program.

    The future of cancer treatment is here today: Perthera’s Precision Cancer Analysis (PCA)

    Perthera would like to introduce you to a cancer analysis that will ultimately revolutionize the way doctors treat cancer — now and in the future. We call it Precision Cancer Analysis, or PCA for short.



    Perthera's Compassion Card Program

    Perthera’s Compassion Card program provides patients with a secure and easy crowdfunding method to pay for precision cancer treatment analysis and medical expenses.




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