Perthera for Physicians

Precisely Matched Therapy Options & Patient Outcomes at Your Fingertips

The majority of Oncologists recognize the value of precision Oncology and agree it is beneficial for the care of their patients, physicians often find that there are significant barriers in implementing precision Oncology within their practice or organization.

With Perthera, hospitals and Oncologists can implement the use of Perthera’s turn-key precision Oncology solutions with which match with cancer patients to optimal treatment options for their specific tumor profiles.

Value Delivered

Physicians who use Perthera have gained:

  • Publications opportunities
  • Ranked Therapies for patients
  • Data analytics
  • Easy-to-use platform

Hospitals/ Practices where MDs use Perthera

About Perthera in oncologist words:

The Perthera Precision Oncology Platform utilizes a powerful AI-driven Therapeutic Intelligence Engine and a virtual Molecular Tumor Board, consisting of cancer experts from world-renowned institutions, to generate a personalized Perthera Report for every patient. The Perthera Report is the only report that provides precisely-ranked treatment recommendations to help guide medical decision-making and improve outcomes.

The Perthera Platform is clinically proven to advance patient outcomes both in terms of OS and PFS, as shown in numerous high-impact publications. The comprehensive outcomes data is captured, exceptionally well-curated, and delivered to oncologists for clinical and research purposes. RWE outcomes data is then utilized by the scientific community to advance publications and clinical trial efforts.