Perthera for Patients

Perthera’s Precision Oncology Platform to advance your care.

What Is Perthera?

We are a precision Oncology company that utilizes the results of advanced multi-omic testing to generate ranked therapy options personalized for you and your specific cancer.

We have already demonstrated in patients with pancreatic cancer that our matched therapy options can lengthen survival. Perthera is ready to use the Perthera Precision Oncology Platform to give you and your doctor a Perthera Report to identify any targeted therapies that could help you.

How Do I Get Started?

Advance your care at no cost to you!

Click here to contact a member of Perthera’s clinical team. We will answer any questions you may have and review the next steps to get you started with your Perthera Report.

If you have any additional questions, email Perthera at: or call us at (571) 252-8343 to speak directly to one of our dedicated Clinical Coordinators.

What Perthera can do for you

Perthera has published retrospective results demonstrating increased survival in patients with pancreatic cancer who utilized a matched therapy in our report.

  • Therapy options are matched to your tumor type, your molecular profile, and take into account your treatment history.
  • Ranked therapy options.
  • Clear report delivered to help guide you and your Oncologist in therapy decision making.


  • Sign the consent, and Perthera does the rest!
  • We coordinate the entire process once the simple, one-page consent is completed.
  • Lab testing is seamlessly coordinated, and our Perthera Report delivered within 2 days of the testing results being delivered to Perthera.

  • Clinical trials have led to improved therapies for many cancers.
  • Perthera’s Report matches patients to therapies and clinical trials to help you and your doctor in medical decision making about your care. 
  • Recommendations are personalized based on your tumor profile and location to provide the best therapy and trial options for you.

  • With your permission, Perthera tracks and captures the outcome of your therapy to help improve cancer care for patients across the country.