Our process

The Perthera Precision oncology Platform

The Perthera Precision Oncology Platform, utilizing Perthera’s expertise in data analysis and Perthera’s Clinical Team approach, uses a patient’s cancer treatment history and multi-omic molecular information to generate a clear and comprehensive clinical report (The Perthera Report). The Perthera Report provides oncologists with a list of ranked therapy options matched to their patient’s history and multi-omic profile putting precision oncology at their fingertips during treatment decision making.

The Perthera Precision Oncology Platform has been published  showing real world evidence of an improvement in patient survival rates when matched therapies are used in patients with pancreatic cancer. Perthera has successfully advanced clinical research efforts for both physicians and their institutions. The platform has been utilized by over 1,000 Oncologists in the United States to benefit their patients.

1. Clinical coordination

2. Therapeutic Intelligence Engine (TIE)

3. virtual Molecular Tumor Board

4 The perthera report

5. Data analysis and Outcomes

1. Clinical Coordination

Perthera’s Clinical Coordination Team serves as a point of contact for physicians and patients, and is responsible for the collection of medical, treatment and molecular patient information. Our Clinical Coordination Team works directly with physicians and their staff to fit within their current workflows to ensure their use of the platform is easy and efficient for their practice or organization.

2. Therapeutic Intelligence Engine (TIE)

Our proprietary Therapeutic Intelligence Engine was built over a of decade and consists of 10 Databases which are continuously updated and contain over 50,000+ heuristic rules & algorithms. The TIE utilizes a patient’s treatment and molecular information to match them to therapy options that maximize their chances of benefit.

3. virtual Molecular Tumor Board

Perthera’s Virtual Molecular Tumor Board (VMTB) reviews every patient’s therapy options as generated by the Therapeutic Intelligence Engine. The VMTB utilizes a secure online platform that enables medical experts from across the United States to collaborate and review every patient.

4. The Perthera Report

The Perthera Report is the product of the Perthera Precision Medicine Platform’s analysis. This comprehensive Report summarizes the patient’s medical, treatment, and molecular information to provide a ranked list of matched treatment options for the patient. The Report includes on-label, off-label and clinical trial options that are most likely to lead to positive outcome for the patient. 

5. Data Analysis and Outcomes

Perthera tracks the outcome for patients who consent to be tracked after Perthera Report delivery. Patient outcome information becomes part of the Therapeutic Intelligence Engine to constantly improve the algorithms, so that patients who come after are even better matched to treatment options that could increase their chances of benefit.