Virtual Molecular Tumor Board

Real-time, expert Molecular Tumor Board (MTB)

virtual Molecular Tumor Board (VMTB)

Perthera uses our cloud-based VMTB to review every single patient, every time. Our VMTB is made up of Oncologists and cancer experts from respected institutions such as Cedars-Sinai, MD Anderson, City of Hope, and Georgetown University.

Perthera’s Precision Oncology Platform utilizes advanced computational methods to generate a personalized Perthera Report, the only report that features ranked therapy options. Every Perthera Report is reviewed and enhanced by our expert VMTB to provide useful and relevant therapy options for your patient.

Perthera’s Expert Virtual molecular tumor board, every patient, every time

Incorporation of patient cancer & treatment history

Integration of multi-omic testing results from any source

Cloud-based, asynchronous Virtual Molecular Tumor Board review

Collaboration of experts to validate ranked therapies

Online, user-friendly interface to lessen the burden on providers and staff

abstract of our clinical publication detailing the benefits of our MTB